Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blast from the past--1879 to be precise

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Jesse said...

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle had a more cynical take on the whole thing. The editors seem comfortable with people splashing around in shallow water, but frown upon any sort of actual swimming:

"But while all manner of manly sports are commendable, it is not wise to stimulate a love of danger for its own sake, and the effect of Captain Webb's brilliant feat is to encourage heedless athletes to incur risk simply because it is risk. Swimming is a perilous amusement and should always be indulged in with caution. ... The sense of security that the ability to swim gives to the thoughtless is a great temptation to challenge danger. ... Every man ought to be able to swim, in case of emergency, and even while the pastime is delightful, health giving and manly, the fact that it is a precautionary accomplishment ought never to be lost sight of." (full article here)

Just think how horrified they'd be at the sight of two dozen CIBBOWS folks showing up on a summer weekend!

BrooklynMermaid said...

they'd call the coast guard, no doubt!