Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breezy Point to Coney Island Members Swim

   From Lesa Wetsuit:
As a young girl my friends and I would look out the window and
pretend Breezy Point was England where we could meet the Queen.
    After four decades of gazing out at breezy point, the day finally came when I could step foot upon that shore and swim home to Coney Island!
  Lucky number 13, my neon yellow buoy, was tied safely to my wetsuit as I swam towards the first rubber motor boat in front of the aquarium.  We rode this boat to a magnificent larger boat,and shared our dreams about swimming as we drifted toward Breezy Point.  We jumped off near shore for a beach start.  As I started to swim I looked up and saw yellow buoys and brightly colored kayaks dancing upon silver waves.  An enchanted garden blossomed in the sea.  I even had my own personal kayaker, Larry, to guide me on my adventure.  I swam straight across towards Manhattan Beach, but the currents were pushing us towards Brighton Beach.  Larry reassured me that we did not have to circle the buoy near Manhattan Beach, and we continued straight to the White Building.  Memories of the Triple Dip swirled in my head as I swam along the rocks between Manhattan and Brighton Beach.  The current was in our favor all the way back to the aquarium.  I was able to relax and reflect on the four decades I spent on the shore facing Breezy Point.
Coney Island avenue brings thoughts of the old Brighton Beach Baths, my first lifeguard assignment at the shack, and my new home at Oceana. When I float by Brighton 6 th I reflect on my career as a teacher.  When I see the Tatianna restaurant I remember my proposal and wedding. Then comes our famous Grimaldo's chair, and all the lovely memories of his smile.  When I reach the jetty on West 5th street, I can see the building where I grew up, and that window where I first gazed upon Breezy Point.
    The water was beautiful and I did not even want to exit at the aquarium....but then I thought of the frozen margaritas at time!  Two magical hours in the ocean of aqueous bliss made my dream come true!! Thank you CIBBOWS!!!     -Lesa Schwartz

Photo links from yesterday's member swim from Capri, Tom, Paul 

Capri's video of the End of Season Party

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