Sunday, November 23, 2008

The 2008 Pennock Island Challenge 8.2 Mile Swim in Alaska by John DaPrato

My long New York training swims seemed like long ago as I boarded my Alaska Airlines plane heading north (way north) from Seattle. After only 45 minutes over British Columbia, I could see white capped mountains high and clear from my window seat. I wondered --where are the towns? - What about the houses? - Where are the roads? I commented to the woman sitting next to me: “ Hey, are we that far out into the wilderness already?" She said with a surprised smile, “where are you from?" I said: “I live in New York.” She smiled again and asked, "are you on vacation." "I figured I’d be upfront and said: “ I’m not sure it’s a vacation --I’m going to try to swim 8.2 miles around Pennock Island this Sunday.” She said with a slight expression: “Oh, you’re kidding -- you’re one of them?…
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