Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grimaldo's gone....I can't wrap my head around it yet....

Our beloved beach lifeguard and my dear friend Grimaldo Medrano passed away on Tuesday, after losing the battle to cancer. Grimi was a rare spirit, laid-back and smiling, and always loving and giving. He made me laugh like no other. He touched so many people, from all different walks of life. The beach will never be the same for me, but I am comforted in the knowledge that so many of my friends and fellow swimmers will carry a piece of him in their hearts forever, and thus will continue to be with us.

And for those who swim in Grimaldo’s Mile this year, be sure to flash a smile towards the heavens for him…


Anonymous said...

A true a dear friend. I had the pleasure of knowing Grimaldo for 14 years. I met him while attending LIU in 95. I later moved from NY back to PA, and visited him frequently, esp in the summer. Knowing i could lay out and relax with him at the beach. I loved his spirit. I loved his patience. I loved him!! We would party together, laugh together, cry together. He would always introduce me as his wife, because we had put up with each other for so long [lol] I was always the hyper one, and he was always the patient one. Thats what I loved about him most... he was the only one who knew how to handle me. I miss him so much! I can not stop crying. I don't think I could ever stop. I will never think of him as gone.. he is with me. with all of us. I don't feel like I have lost, but have gained.. some of his knowledge, some of his patience, and all of his love.
I love you Grimaldo. Always. Tasha

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this.. i was his friend and he taught my boyfriend everything he knew about lifeguarding.. and he was always a great person.. for real. i never ever saw him get mad. im still in shock. i know his soul will always be at Bay 4 no matter what. much luv to Grimmy!! (Sahara C)

BrooklynMermaid said...

Thanks for sharing. I have known Grimi since he was 18. We were really tight. He never judged. He was my confidant, and created, effortlessly, a community of people whose spirit were broadened and enriched by knowing him. We are now just starting realize how many he touched....I hope you knew how many people loved you baby!

Cathy V said...

Grimi and I worked together at Franklin K. Lane H.S. from 10/2000-6/2005. We would go to lunch together almost every day and share secrets,laughs and even tears. My heart is aching because I didn't know that he was sick and I wish I had a chance to tell him how special he was. Grimi has touched my life in a way that I will never forget and I hope he knows how much I love him.

Anonymous said...

Grimaldo, Grimmi we all called him. I knew him back in our home land Panama...I can't recall exactly how long we knew each other but if I am not mistaking over 20 years. Him and I, didn't join the same swim team in Panama;but we always got together in our swim meet.
When I move here to NYC 16 years ago; I found my friend more than that my younger brother here in this country. I became a beach lifeguard. We shared great moments at the beach. Later on, I became his roommate for 4 years...Oh wow, that long I knew him. Yes, that long. I still see him every where; I hear him laugh like the wind blowing around my head. He taught me lots of things as a friend, as a lifeguard and as a teacher. He really
was a teacher for me. Today you no longer with us in this world but you will always be in my mind and my heart forever.
Erick D'Angelo Viruet.

Anonymous said...

To my MAXWELL, u were beautiful from the time i met u, we always had that ARIES thing going on(smile) U will always hold a special place n my heart there will b nothing but smiles when i think of u LOVE U BABY TEACH UM HOW TO PARTY UP N HEAVEN.....QUEEN SHARLEEN

Anonymous said...

To my Brother Grimaldo, you will be missed. I have only known him for a short time but it felt like forever. I'm glad we had a time to shine together.
May the steps you created here on earth lead you straight to Heaven.

To my Square from your Star
Love Norine

the other mother said...

Dearest Grimmy,
I only had the pleasure of meeting you a short time but the joy of your soul and your smile reached deep within. The love you shared with my son radiates within my heart and his always. I don't believe how soon all of this came to a close, but never an end. "His Eye Is On The Sparrow and the Seagull" and I know He watches over us all. Thanks for the opera, the poems, the classical music, Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt and the tix to go see Alvin Ailey. I'll see you on the other side! Goodnight, not good-bye!
The Other Mother

Anonymous said...

There are no words that I can use to express how I feel about the loss of a friend. Grimmy, I miss you, my eyes are wet and I only wish God could have allowed you to be here longer. I am not anger, but I know you are in a better place now. You have thought me how to love unconditionally and how to be a better man. I am more alive because you came into my life. You were the first for so many things in my life and I have made a pledge to life some more. You were more than just a friend, I could always count on you and of everyone you always believed in me. You life on earth was short but you have touched so many lives and saved so many lives, you were one of God’s precious angels. I walk with your picture everyday and I know deep within your in my heart. I loved you then and I love you more even now. You have defined the true virtue of what ought to be. We have two different life paths, but you have taught me one thing, life is not what it seems from the outside. “Nuff Respect” Hey thank you for introducing me to Nina Simone “My Man is gone Now”. Love you for a life time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grimmy,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So much we've been thru in almost two decades! Thank goodness for the memories, they will keep me strong till we meet up again. Muaahhh, I love ya babes!

Trevor A. Cooper said...

Grimi! You are another life pillar that have slipped from under me after Jasiri Whipper in less than six months.

The pain of losing you is still sobering, but I know I also feel the joy of our moments of truth and of praise. You certainly knew how to praise God (even with a cocktail in your hand). You lived down here and I know you continue to live up there as your legacy is etched all over this world.

Happy Belated Birthday and I will see you in the sweet by and by. It's time for me to stand up and run a little bit further.

May God's peace rest on everyone connected to Grimaldo, our Grimi!

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Anonymous said...

Sad story,

This is the man that taught me how to react, how to concentrate and be relaxed at the same time - always laid back but at the same time cautious of everything around him - taught me how to be ... he was a New Yorker that inspired me.

Worked with him at bay 4 for 3 years - he taught me how to be a lifeguard.

Thanks forever,